LCT for Paint Analysis

Leeds recently configured and installed one of the most powerful LCT's to meet the application needs of an examiner using the microscope to analyze paint chip samples.  This is a great example of how Leeds can customize our comparison microscopes to meet the needs of an examiner or laboratory.     

LCT with Fluorescence light for paint chip analysis

This LCT was built with LED illumination for all transmitted and reflected light techniques:
  • Transmitted light
  • Bright Field and quantitative polarization
  • Reflected light
  • Fluorescence
  • Bright Field and Polarized
The Leeds LED Cube Illuminator, a fanless light source offering bright light and continuous color rendering at all intensities, was used with this microscope (as with a majority of Leeds comparison microscopes) reducing the need for 2 light sources and a selector mirror to fulfill both fluorescence excitation and bright field and polarization techniques.

Please contact Leeds and we can customize and LCT to meet your analysis needs.
LCT for Paint Analysis
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