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LMS-LEDS-R2 - LED Spot Light

LED Spot Light illuminator for reflected light with adapter for SZ(2)-ST stands. Requires power supply.
$385.00 ⁄ Each
Availability: In Stock
The LMS-LEDS-R2 LED Spot light illuminator is an ideal light option offering continual color temperature regardless of light intensity. The LED spot light is both energy efficient and requires limited maintenance due to 10,000+ hours of LED life. The LMS-LEDS-R2 does require a power supply (unless you are purchasing it for the LMS-340LEDK base or the LMS-225LEDSL base) and an adapter (both sold separately).

Please allow 30 - 60 days for delivery.
Are you purchasing this Leeds Spot light to work with a Leeds Base? - The Leeds LMS-LEDS Spot Light will require purchase of a Leeds base (to provide power supply), either the LMS-225LEDSL LED Transmitted Base or the LMS-340LEDK LED BF/DF Transilluminated base. In addition, an adapter will be required depending on the microscope brand you will be using. Please contact Leeds directly if you have questions.
LMS-LEDS-4 - Adapter