Introducing Evofinder® Automated Ballistic Identification system, a scanning device which generates digital images in both 2D and 3D of bullets and cartridge cases for examination, comparison, and correlative searches within existing databases. Evofinder®’s 4-motor mechanics provides high-quality recording of bullets, including heavily deformed ones, and allows the use of a universal cassette to mount and orient both types of samples in the scanning device.  The Evofinder® incorporates a compact, light weight, and portable system design. 

Evofinder Flyer (pdf)

Leeds is the exclusive North American distributor of Evofinder®, Ballistic Identification System (BIS).  

Evofinder® Overview Power Point 

Two papers published in the Fall 2018 AFTE Journal:  Federal's New Syntech Ammunition:  Properties of Forensic Interest and The Forensic Aspects and Challenges of Winchester's Tin .22LR Bullets

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