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Portable Ultra-Wide Spectrum Imaging System

OR-GQP5000 This portable ultra-wide spectrum evidence imaging system is easy to operate in the lab or at the crime scene.  The system hosts an integrated camera lens, light sources, and filter, conveniently for a single person to operate.  Ideal for the search of fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints on surfaces such as walls, plastic, steel, doors, windows, stainless steel, mirror, transparent glass, coated paper, marble, furniture, etc.  Can be used to take photos or videos.  Able to search evidence such as spatter or bloodstain on deep color cotton clothes, fabrics, black tiles, etc.  Canopied light source effectively protects user’s eyes and skin from UVA light exposure.  Includes UV Protective Goggles.
$10,625.00 ⁄ Each
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