Introducing the Discovery, Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope

Leeds Discovery Comparison Microscope

Introducing Leeds Discovery Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope, built with Zeiss Optics

Introducing the Discovery Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope.  Built with Zeiss Optics, this powerful comparison microscope is revolutionary in the world of firearms examination.  Offering over 900 magnification matched set points (with the 1.0x objective), the Discovery offers a high level of confidence and capability to examiners.

The unique Zeiss optics provides precise focused and aligned comparison views at all magnifications in the zoom range. This captured computer information is simultaneously written directly to the imaging software for easy annotation, measurement and documentation.

The Discovery offers both versatility as well as ergonomic comfort, combining both manual and touch pad control capabilities.  The Leeds Universal Holder eliminates the need for multiple sample holders and accessory brushes for firearms examination.  This unique holder allows a shell to be gripped by its inside or outside diameter, or by the shells extraction groove.  Additional sample holders allow for examination of various size samples.

Leeds unique quad-lamp hooded-fluorescent light, LED spot lights, and goose-neck bifurcated fiber-optic light guide options allows examiner to have more control and ability to adjust lighting; giving flexibility to bring out detail on the widest variety of evidence.

Standard with all Leeds comparison microscopes is the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, certification of calibration, for all measurement and magnification functions.

Please call 1-800-444-5333 to set up a demonstration of this impressive system.

Please visit Discovery webpage and view the Discovery video to learn more this comparison microscope.

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