Leeds LSV Video Update

We are pleased to release the updated Leeds LSV video which describes the specialized features of this unique alternate light source imaging tool.

The LSV is designed to enhance evidence screening capabilities, with an imaging head that is mounted on a mechanical arm with a live preview touch screen.  The touch screen allows for control of LSV lighting, filter, camera and imaging controls.

A revolutionary imaging tool incorporating traditional Alternate Light Source techniques with a highly sensitive zoom-based optical imaging system.  The LSV allows examiners to quickly examine, document, annotate, and archive their findings.

The LSV’s function provides the examiner with the ability to quickly scan a large area of evidence and modify imaging conditions to facilitate and expedite evidence processing.

The LSV software allows for image annotation and calibration of software based measurement.

Biological traces, latent fingerprints, gunshot residue, and other samples can easily be documented for casework using the LSV.

A highly variable working distance paired with parfocal zoom optics provides a significant range in the field of view, allowing examiners to image both small details and large regions of evidence.

Images captured with the LSV retain their configuration as meta-data with the image file.   This meta-data can then be applied to the LSV at a later time to recreate the imaging conditions of any earlier image.

The LSV’s control systems allow the examiner to locally or remotely change lighting configurations.  This can be accomplished without the need to re-position the camera system.

The LSV can provide visible light imaging, multi-wavelength fluorescence imaging, and near-infrared imaging.

The LSV is designed to conveniently collapse to a small footprint for storage.  For more information, please visit our LSV webpage or contact Leeds @ 1-800-444-5333.


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