Introducing the Evofinder Automated Ballistics Identification system

The Evofinder® Automated Ballistics Identification system (BIS), produced by ScannBi Technology, is a scanning device that captures 2D & 3D digital images of bullets and cartridge cases to store in a database for the purpose of comparison and matching.

Main Features of the Evofinder® BIS:

  • To scan, process and store high quality 2D and 3D digital images of a full or fragmented surface of a bullet, including strongly deformed ones, and any bottom or side surface of cartridge-casing.
  • To create a database of spent bullets and cartridge-case images and hold in a single information network.
  • To carry out automatic identification of the object under examination among the objects in the database and to provide experts with a “hit list” of similar objects.
  • To view a scanned object’s surface on monitor and carry out manual or auto-focusing, change the direction of light, etc., for comparison of images.
  • To recall previously saved images in the given scale, move the images independently and align images for the sake of manual comparison identification.
  • To print images and reports to be represented in court.

Evofinder® technology includes multi-sided illumination, 2-sided separate lighting for bullets, and 4-sided separate lighting for cartridge-cases.

The Evofinder® is easy to use, with an adjustable universal detachable cassette to hold bullets and cartridge cases.  Once object has been loaded, the cassette is inserted into the Evofinder for scanning, the scanning process takes approximately 2-3 minutes.

To learn more about the Evofinder, please contact Leeds.

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4 Responses to Introducing the Evofinder Automated Ballistics Identification system

  1. cristiano garcia says:

    we would like to know how much cust evofinder?, we are from Brazil and would like to buy it.

  2. Trisha says:

    We would like to know what laboratories currently carry the Evofinder Automated Ballistics Identification system?

    Thank you

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