How to Upgrade your Existing Leeds Firearms Comparison Microscope

Since the sale of Leeds first comparison microscope in 1999, our sales and service teams have been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our growing number of forensic customers.

To meet the needs of our customers, Leeds offers various microscope accessories, and upgrade options, all of which can extend the functional life of the microscope.

Leeds Third Eyepiece and Pin Mount Holder Tray

Leeds Third Eyepiece and Pin Mount Holder Tray

Leeds’ comparison microscope Upgrade Options Flyer highlights a variety of optional accessories, ranging from the Coarse to Fine Focus Upgrade to the Third Eyepiece Holder.  Many of these upgrades can be easily added to existing microscope and allow for more versatility while keeping costs down.

Coarse to Fine Focus Upgrade

Coarse to Fine Focus Upgrade



In addition, Leeds offers an aggressive trade-in program to assist laboratories interested in purchasing a new comparison microscope.

Please contact Leeds sales staff to discuss your upgrade needs, or to request a quote.

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