We have never encountered a more dedicated, focused, and professional team. All of you at Leeds provide that same top notch service and drive on a day in and day out basis and you all should be very proud of it".   Leeds Customer, Spring 2018

A local customer was very thankful and full of praise towards two Leeds service team members and the work they performed on the customer's microscope.  Bringing their microscope to Leeds at 5pm on a weekday, the customer anticapted having to leave the microscope for repair.  Leeds service team was able to discuss issue with customer and then fix the issue while the customer waiting, allowing customer to to leave with repaired microscope in hand.  Customer could not say enough good things about the attitude and support provided by Leeds, and all after 5pm! - Microscope Service Customer, July 2017

"The new Leeds LCF3 Firearms and Toolmarks Comparison Microscopes are incredibly powerful and versatile systems that allow a higher level of performance and increased comfort for the analysts. The new scopes have many features which streamline the comparison process, making examination easier.
(The Lab Report, Volume 2, Issue 2) October 2014

In regard to overall experience with Leeds Service Department, one customer commented, "Satisfied and regularly recommend to other labs". June 2015

"Pleasant, no supervision required, self sufficient." Microscope Service Customer, Spring 2015

"As always, Leeds customer service is second to none!"  Crime Lab Customer, 06/08/2015

"Leeds' equipment is user friendly and the customer service is second to none!" - Customer Survey comment June 2015

Following a recent demonstration of the LSV2 Leeds Spectral Vision System, we asked one forensic scientist what they like best about the LSV2, "[the LSV2 system will] give us a better way to document our case, and the mobility of the structure". "Also, the software is easy to use", Facebook Follower 6/11/15

"I just wanted to pass along that the (doctors)...are extremely happy with the way you clean their microscopes and that you do a very good job everytime they are cleaned." Microscope service customer 10/24/13

Upon completion of recently installed LCF3 Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscopes in multiple labs in a state crime lab system, one examiner had this to say in an email report sent to staff at the respective labs: 

  • "First of all, this scope system is AMAZING.   Everyone should be very happy
  • We have a very complete system that I believe is far superior to any of our (other firearms comparison microscopes).
  • Truly parcentric and parfocal.  Moving up and down the zoom, the field of view does not change and remains in focus.
  • The fluorescent lights (which I prefer) don't appear to be afterthoughts.  They are well designed and integrated into the system.  The fiber optic LEDS are also well designed and an improvement over traditional halogen fiber optic.
  • The camera software is simple and relatively intuitive.  It should be a pleasure to use.
  • The (literal) built-in stage micrometer is a very slick way to measure land impressions.  No more 40-year old glass stage micrometers for me.
  • The universal sample holders are ingenious.
  • There were a couple of small issues that came up during the installation.  Leeds and their representative have been awesome.  They not only are resolving all of the issues I had, they insisted on making the same changes to all of the department LCF3s."  - Firearms Examiner, August 2013

"Leeds has always done a great job (cleaning microscopes) for us over many years." - Pathology Department customer 6/21/13

"Excellent setup and instruction of use of our microcope, Thanks!", Forensic Laboratory, 6/16/14

"Recently Leeds performed some repair and cleaning on two of our microscopes and I wanted to say thank you for doing a wonderful job restoring them to a like new condition.  I'm very pleased with your service!"  5/9/13 - Leeds Minnesota Customer

During a recent installation of one forensic lab's Leeds Spectral Vision (LSV) system the following was observed by our technical sales representative:  The lab's blood spatter experts were highly excited to hear that the LSV has violet 400nm light, a highly sensitive technique for blood detection, using filters and light combinations that the LSV has built in.  The lab pulled some current casework (black denim jeans with fine spatter) and were visibly astonished at what the system was able to detect image and present.  They had been prepared to proclaim that there was little to no blood spatter on this pair of jeans from a recent homicide. The LSV showed them very clearly blood spatter covering up and down one pant leg along with micro droplets in areas that they had thought they had fully screened using their traditional IR camera.  - Customer Review, April 2013

"Thank you for your prompt repair and the continued excellent service that Leeds is known to provide!"  - Forensic Scientist, Midwest 2/22/13

"You should know that it is a dream come true for us to be able to pick up a phone and get instant help with a problem.  Can't tell you how much that meant today." - In reference to the assistance a Leeds Technical Sales Representative offered to an existing Leeds Forensic Systems Customer 1/29/13 

"Thank you for your prompt repair and the continued excellent service that Leeds is known to provide!" Forensic Scientist, Firearm/Tool Mark Section 1/22/13

"We would like to inform you that customers are quite satisfied with the beauty and performance of LCF3.  By my experience I can say that there is no competition to LCF3 at present in the market." - Leeds International Dealer 12/15/12

"I really enjoy using the comparison scopes we purchased from your company.  I was trained on several different types of scopes during my training as a firearm/tool mark examiner and have been more impressed and have been able to make greater use of your product.  I look forward to working with Leeds on future projects."  - Firearms & Tool Marks Examiner 12/4/12

 "I just worked my first case with the use of the new light source and camera and I am very pleased.  Thanks for helping make my job easier." - Firearms Examiner 8/14/12

Recently, a Leeds' forensic laboratory customer described how they were ready to declare a match of 2 cartridge cases as "inconclusive" using one of Leeds' competitor's new microscopes.  The laboratory examiners decided to check their findings under their newly purchased Leeds LCF 1600, where they easily concluded that, in fact, they had a "match".  - Crime Laboratory Customer 6/6/12

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome and quick response to my microscope issue.  You folks have the best customer service out there.  I will continue to sing your praises every chance I get.   I just wish every company went out of their way to make the customer a number one priority.  Thank you again." - Crime Laboratory Analyst 12/08/11

"It was very nice [that] the tech's schedule allowed for him to service our scopes [locally]." - Midwest Customer

"Always been very happy with the service Leeds has provided." - Pathology Department customer

"Prompt, accurate records on our equipment.  Cost was less than expected for the 2 units we sent in.  Very happy with serviced provided." - Midwest Customer

"Have dealt with Leeds for over 10 years for annual preventative maintenance of scopes and have never had any issues." - Midwest Customer

"Technicians were knowledgeable and courteous." - Midwest Customer