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The Evofinder® Automated Ballistic Identification system is a scanning device that generates digital images (in both 2D and 3D) of bullets and

cartridge cases for examination, comparison, and correlative searches within existing databases.

Evofinder®’s 4-motor mechanics provides high-quality recording of bullets — including heavily deformed ones — and uses a universal cassette to mount and orient both types of samples in the scanning device.

It is a compact, lightweight, and portable system design, and is provided in a portable case for either lab or fieldwork. Leeds is the exclusive North American distributor of Evofinder®, Ballistic Identification System (BIS).

The Evofinder® database is designed with an advanced, automated identification system to automatically correlate sample images to other images stored in your database, providing a numerical similarity value between two representative images.

These similarities can then be compared to each other using Virtual Comparison Microscopy tools in the Evofinder or under a comparison microscope to identify possible matches.


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