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Leeds is pleased to announce that with new upcoming changes to the Evofinder software, the Evofinder access will be more versatile than ever before!

Floating EWS Licenses

Future versions of the Evofinder software will have the option for customers to purchase floating licenses in addition to fixed licenses which are associated with specified computers.  The floating license provides users the ability to install Evofinder software on multiple computers, allowing as many simultaneous users on the system as there are licenses owned.

Remote EWS Licenses

For laboratories that are interested in remote work solutions separate from the main Evofinder server, Evofinder customers will have the ability to purchase remote, stand-alone licenses.

Annual EWS Subscription Option

To better aid in laboratories working with fixed budgets and to better provide flexibility to a laboratory’s dynamic needs for Evofinder deployments, a new annual subscription option will be available to our customers at a significantly reduced cost.  This new option will now allow Evofinder customers the ability to choose whether they purchase permanent EWS licenses or opt for an annual subscription.

For more on license types and new EWS license pricing, please contact Leeds today!



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