The Discovery-Z Motorized Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope
The Discovery-Z Motorized Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope

Introducing the new Discovery-Z motorized firearms and tool marks comparison microscope.   Designed with Leeds’ new magnetic adjustable stage controllers, examiners will experience:

  • Real-time, tactile controls -provides a feeling similar to controlling a non-motorized stage
  • Positionable controls – magnetic controls can be adjusted for the most comfortable position on the work station
  • Synchronicity – allows examiner to control the left or right stage, or both stages simultaneously
Zeiss Zen Software Z-stack
Zeiss Zen Software Z-stack

Designed with two adjustable 9” x 7” stages, the Discovery-Z offers an open work station area.  Examiners can access the free-standing stages from multiple angles and the increased work surface stages can accommodate larger articles of evidence for analysis.

The Discovery-Z directly interfaces with the Zeiss Zen software, providing control of the Zeiss camera, as well as the 3-axis motorized stages. The Discovery-Z software/hardware package also offers examiners automated control of Z-stack and tiled images.

To learn more about the Discovery-Z, please contact Leeds or call 763.546.8575.


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