Solving Cold Cases with DNA

The National Institute of Justice ( recently announced they are seeking applications from individual states and local governments interested in receiving funding for Solving Cold Cases With DNA program to identify, review and investigate cold cases that could potentially be solved using DNA analysis.  The NIJ’s goal is to make funding available for projects addressing three important categories:  1) Case Review – identify, review and prioritize violent crime cold cases that have the potential to be solved using DNA analysis in order to determine whether DNA analysis of any existing biological evidence could help solve the cold case.  2) Location of evidence – to identify, collect, retrieve, and evaluate biological evidence from such cases.  3) DNA analysis of biological evidence – to perform DNA analyses on such biological evidence, including the handling and screening of this evidence.  In 2012, the NIJ awarded over $7,500,000 in funds to 23 applicants.  Please see pages 5-6 for permissible expenses under this grant opportunity.

Leeds has assembled a 2014 Funding Sources document to assist forensic laboratories interested in learning more about available funding opportunities. Please contact Leeds if you have further questions or would like to learn more about our forensic products.

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