A simple solution to working with various size evidence samples

Are you struggling to view your various size and shape evidence samples?  Do you find yourself working with too many little brushes and multiple holders?

Brushes and holders for various size bullet casings and samples
Just a sample of the various brushes and holders needed to view evidence with other comparison microscopes

Look no further.  Leeds Forensic Systems offers a great solution, the Leeds Universal Holder.

The Leeds universal holder is one of the most complimented features on the Leeds LCF Firearms and Toolmarks Comparison Microscope.  The universal holder’s design was inspired from feedback received in the field by forensic examiners using the Leeds LCF systems.  With its many unique and clever features, the universal holder is an ideal option to hold several different size evidence samples.  Whether you are looking at bullets, casings, wires, tools, or shotgun shells, the universal holder can accommodate them all.

Leeds Universal Holder
Leeds Universal Holder & Stage Kit

Some of the unique features include:

  • Easy to remove from the stage – two thumb screws
  • Left and right hand operation for tension and lock
  • 360 degree rotation on holder base
  • 90 degree horizontal to vertical positioning arc
  • 360 degree rotatable chuck
  • .030” minimum gripping diameter for tiny wires
  • Gripping grooves on fingers
  • Able to grip and lock on inside or outside diameters
  • Able to hold casing for extraction and ejection mark analysis
  • Accepts multiple pin mount holders and disc platens
  • Accepts custom holders with ball pivot joints

Thanks to the universal holder, your life just got a little easier.

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