Introducing the Discovery Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope

Introducing the new Discovery Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope.  The newest addition to Leeds’ suite of forensic products (including the LCF3, LCT and LSV), the Discovery is a powerful and intuitive microscope offering high resolution 20:1 zoom ration, the largest primary magnification range available to firearm examiners in today’s marketplace.  The Discovery  offers over 900 magnification matched set points (with a 1.0x objective), with fifteen pre-programmed set points and additional programmable set points available for repeated observation.  Synchronized zoom bodies can work independently or together with direct communication to software.

Each Discovery comes with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate of calibration traceable to NIST standards.

Zeiss World-class Optics

  • Zeiss Stereo Discovery.V20 zoom optics factor is 20:1 ratio, an unequaled feature worldwide in zoom comparison microscopes.
  • The pancratic magnification changer ensures high-contrast, focused images throughout the entire zoom range.  After the basic adjustment of the stereomicroscope, the image remains exactly in focus.
  • Attachable optical systems (objectives, eyepieces and camera adapters) allow the total magnification to be varied additional as required.

Leeds Touch Pad Control

  • Easy-to-use, positionable touch pad controls multiple features including table height, lighting options, and Z column position.
  • Lighting options include LED spot lights, gooseneck bifurcated fiber-optic light guide and fluorescent lights.

Zeiss Sycop System Control Panel

  • Central location to control all Zeiss components.
  • The Sycop System Control Panel combines three functional elements in a single unit:
  1. Touch sensitive screen
  2. Six push buttons for diverse microscope settings
  3. Joystick for operation of motorized zoom and focusing functions
  • Operated with one hand, Sycop allows examiner to adjust joystick and four push buttons without having to look away from the specimen.  Via the touch screen, examiner can view significant optical parameters at a glance while activating and storing diverse microscope settings.

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