CBS News Clip – NYPD Forensic Lab

Bullets and shell casings found inside the NYPD’s firearms lab. (Photo: CBS 2)

NYPD Forensics Lab, one of countries most prestigious forensics labs, was recently featured on the New York CBS news affiliate, reporting on the work this lab does to help

Leeds Firearms & Toolmarks Comparison Microscope (LCF)

make convictions and put criminals behind bars.  The NYPD firearms forensics team solves numerous homicides each year with the help of their labs’ state-of-the-art equipment, including the Leeds Firearms & Toolmarks Comparison Microscope (LCF).

LCF with Dual-View Attachment

After every city shooting, the detectives analyze shell casings and bullet fragments using Leeds LCF microscope and compare their findings to a computerized database.  The LCF Firearms & Toolmarks comparison microscope is used to analyze bullets and match the striations, or lines, left behind on the bullet casings when a gun is fired, similar to a fingerprint.  Making a match between bullets helps detectives identify where a weapon may have been used in other previous crimes.

In this video, you will see Detective Jonathan Fox using the LCF comparison microscope with dual-view attachment to analyze the bullet casings.  Making a bullet match using the LCF, Detective Fox was able to determine a lead to where the shooting originated.

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