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Leeds Welcomes You to Our New Blog

Leeds is a leading manufacturer of comparison microscopes and spectral vision systems for forensic laboratories.  In addition, we manufacture custom microscope products and accessories as well as provide exceptional service and repair of all brands of microscopes.  We are excited to launch into the world of social media and strive to bring you compelling and useful content.

Many exciting changes are taking place at Leeds.  Most recently, Leeds has become a supplier of Zeiss microscopes for the forensic laboratory and forensic academic community.  Leeds will work with Zeiss to provide imaging solutions for the entire forensic laboratory.  Providing Zeiss microscopes will complement the Leeds’ legacy product offerings.

Leeds continues to supply the forensic laboratory with comparison microscopes for firearms, toolmarks and trace evidence analysis.  In addition to traditional microscopes, Leeds incorporates valuable feedback from the forensic community to develop and provide imaging tools to help analysts and examiners collect and process evidence.  An example of this development is the new Leeds LSV, an ALS imaging system designed around different color LED light sources and a HD digital camera system.  Visit our YouTube page to view the LSV in action or click on http://youtu.be/vTu8jdfeIeA.

Interested in seeing our forensic systems at work?  We are currently attending AFTE (Association of Firearm & Toolmark Examiners) trade show in Buffalo, NY June 25-28, 2012.  We welcome you to visit us at booth #7.

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