Introducing the New LCF3, an incredibly powerful microscope for the Forensic Lab 

Ergonomic design of the new LCF3
The LCF3 is both powerful, ergonomically comfortable, and versatile.

Leeds Forensic Systems, Inc. announces the new LCF3 Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope.  This powerful and robust system offers outstanding performance, ergonomic comfort, and incredible versatility.  Leeds designed the new LCF3 incorporating feedback from the first hand experience of forensic examiners.


The LCF3 is built with world-class Olympus apochromatically corrected optics, providing

LCF3 outstanding performance
The LCF3 is built with world-class Olympus apochromatically corrected optics.

crisp, aberration-free, high-resolution images.  The macro bodies, with a 16:1 zoom ratio and built-in aperture diaphragms, provide the examiner with 14 matched magnification positions to choose from.  The optics are parcentric and parfocal throughout the zoom range.  Leeds’ technicians align all 14 click stop settings to assure the magnification of the right and left zoom bodies are matched.  This matching is completed using N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable standards and includes an ISO 17025 accredited Certificate of Calibration with each LCF3. 


Ergonomic comfort was one of the main focuses of the new LCF3 redesign.  By adjusting the fine focus, the new LCF3 limits the hand-over-wrist motion.  The new table shape is not only more comfortable, it allows the forensic examiner to sit closer to the microscope eyepieces.  Leeds’ classic “object roll-off” protection edge is incorporated into the new table design and optional table extension for either right side, and/or left side of work station.

The LCF3 can be expanded to have a 48″ wide work station by adding optional extension tables on each side.

A versatile, motorized table with height adjustments from 26″ to 38″ allows examiners of all heights to more comfortably sit at the LCF3. 

LCF3 Touch Pad controls table height, lighting controls, and Z column position

The positionable touch-pad control has customizable setting options for multiple uses and is main power control for the table height, lighting controls, and Z column position. 


The Leeds Universal Holder offers a single service tool to assist in examining various sized bullets and cartridge casings.

The Leeds Universal Holder is an important feature of the LCF3, offering a single service tool to assist in examining various sized bullets and cartridge casings.  Alternatively, the Leeds quick change specimen holders can be used to view a wide variety of evidence samples.


Leeds’ new quad lamp fluorescent lighting design includes an articulated support arm.  The fluorescent light includes four exceptionally bright lamp bulb units and offers a unique rotating hood to control sample contrast.  Other lighting options include the goose-neck bifurcated fiber optic light guide with spot lens, flexible LED spot lighting, and the Leeds’ LED Cube Illuminator fiber-optic light source. 

We are proud to introduce the new LCF3 to the forensic science community.  Please check out our video and see our LCF3 brochure for further information.


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