LCF3 Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope

Leeds installed several LCF3 Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscopes in multiple labs in a state crime lab system and one examiner had this to say in an email report sent to staff at the respective labs: 

  • First of all, this scope system is AMAZING.   Everyone should be very happy…
  • We have a very complete system that I believe is far superior to any of our … {other firearms comparison microscopes}.
  • Truly parcentric and parfocal.   Moving up and down the zoom, the field of view does not change and remains in focus.
  • The fluorescent lights (which I prefer) don’t appear to be afterthoughts.  They are well designed and integrated into the system.  The fiber optic LEDS are also well designed and an improvement over traditional halogen fiber optic.
  • The camera software is simple and relatively intuitive.  It should be a pleasure to use.
  • The (literal) built-in stage micrometer is a very slick way to measure land impressions.  No more 40-year old glass stage micrometers for me.
  • The universal sample holders are ingenious.
  • There were a couple of small issues that came up during the installation.  Leeds and their representative … have been awesome.  They not only are resolving all of the issues I had, they insisted on making the same changes to all of the {. . . department’s} LCF3s.


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