Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Morris College’s Criminal Justice Forensic Center

Forensic Magazine recently published an article highlighting Morris College’s recent opening of their new Criminal Justice Forensic Center.  Located in Sumter, SC, Morris College’s Center, serving over 100 criminal justice students specializing in criminal forensics, purchased new equipment under the leadership of Morris College’s President Dr. Luns Richardson and under the Center’s guidance of Director Carlotta Stackhouse.

Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV)

Director Stackhouse determined the best equipment to aid in the instruction of ballistics, drug, arson, DNA, and finger print analysis would include Leeds Firearms and Tool Marks Comparison Microscope (LCF), Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV), and Leeds Trace Evidence Comparison Microscope (LCT).  These powerful systems give students the best hands-on experience and most fittingly prepare them for real world experiences in their their future forensic specialties.  Director Stackhouse’s goal was to obtain for the institute the latest technology available for evidence analysis and most commonly found in the top forensic laboratories around the United States.  Leeds Forensic Systems, Inc., established in 1986, has worked closely with several U.S. and global forensic laboratories, acquiring feedback from several forensic examiners to improve and advance the products Leeds manufactures and sells.  Leeds is extremely pleased to work with Director Carlotta Stackhouse as she developed a state-of-the art facility to prepare their Center’s students for a future in forensic science.

Are you considering a career in forensic science?  To learn more about this impressive teaching facility, please visit Morris College’s website.

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