As a manufacturer of comparison microscopes and imaging systems for forensic and education laboratories in the United States and around the world, Leeds products often follow a similar path from start to finish:

Design – Manufacture – Install

In most situations, our products are purchased by forensic labs, residing in contained office buildings or controlled environment laboratory spaces.  In addition, we often revisit our customers, offering annual service plans to maintain these powerful microscopes and imaging systems.

Recently, we were surprised (not once, but twice) by two unique situations:

The LSV2 at a forensic conference in Saudi Arabia
The LSV2 at a forensic conference in Saudi Arabia

1)  In November of 2015, Leeds attended a forensic conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, demonstrating our LSV2 imaging system to attendees interested in using the system to identify bodily fluids on forensic evidence.  Upon arrival, our Leeds staff member discovered the booth space was outdoors, surrounded by desert heat, winds, and sand.  Our LSV2 demonstration system withstood the elements for the entire duration of the conference with no issues.  Even upon returning to our shipping dock, we found only minor remnants of sand particles.

2)  In the fall of 2015, we received an email from our customer in the middle east, along with an interesting photograph of our firearms comparison microscope.  The microscope had been donated to Afghanistan and was currently residing in the Kabul laboratory.  Interestingly enough, in order to get the microscope to this laboratory, it had

LCF-1600 in Kabul, Afghanistan
Lt Col. Omar examining evidence using the Leeds LCF-1600 in Kabul, Afghanistan.

to be transported by truck through the mountains from Bagram to Kabul over rough terrain and unpaved roads.  Our customer commented, “I personally used that scope…and considering the abuse it has faced [during transport] your product has performed exceptionally well.  I credit much of [the microscopes’] durability to the fact that the LEEDS microscope was designed for easy maintenance”.

We work hard to provide our customers with the most durable products for their forensic disciplines.  These two examples prove just how tested our equipment is.  Interested in learning more?  Please call 1.800.444.5333 or contact Leeds.

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