The Leeds Spectral Vision system (LSV) was developed to allow forensic scientists the ability to quickly screen and repeatedly document biological evidence in infrared, fluorescence and white light, as a next generation alternate light source screening tool.

Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV)

As the number of crime labs and educational institutions purchasing the LSV system grows, Leeds has become increasingly aware of new and innovative research opportunities made possible because of the LSV’s unique documentation capabilities (for example, the RCMP has conducted some research with the LSV which promises to be very interesting).  Because the LSV has the ability to make quick repetitive observations over the same area of a sample in widely differing lighting and techniques, the system can be a very powerful research tool in the following areas of examination:

  1. Bruising, bite marks, and tattoo identifications on both decedents and victims
  2. Identification of gunshot residue (GSR) patterns underneath dried blood
  3. Near-infrared imaging of blood through paint layers
  4. Contrast enhancement techniques for biological stains on materials with their own native fluorescent background.
Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV)
Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV)

Leeds is dedicated to assisting educators and forensic researchers through specialized pricing and equipment.  What research areas can the LSV help you with?

Contact Leeds, 1-800-444-5333, to discuss the LSV or to set up a demonstration.



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