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Forensic Science degrees and forensic science programs have been on the rise in recent years due to increased interest steming from popular television shows and heightened social media attention.  Students interested in attaining a degree in Forensic Science often turn to the internet and social media to begin their research process.  Search the phrase, “I want to study forensic science”, and you’ll come across several helpful resources including the site, Forensic Science Degree.  A website designed to assist students by identifying the area of forensic science they would like to pursue through online courses, Forensic Science Degree offers helpful articles in their Student Library section.

Recently, Forensic Science Degree posted a list of the top 100 Forensic Science Twitter accounts:  Tweeting Forensic Science: 100 Great Accounts Worth Investigating.  This list identifies many top experts in forensic science, including digital forensics, crime scene investigation, and even forensic archaeology and entomology, using Twitter to share their views and discuss innovations in the industry.  These are some of the most informative Twitter accounts in the Forensic Science space. Following any and all of these individuals, companies, and publications is a great way to delve into the rich and ever growing field of forensic science.

Leeds Forensic Systems, Inc. is pleased to make the list of top 100.  We appreciate this acknowledgement and the strong support we continue to encounter from the extensive forensic community.


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