Grant FundsThe National Institute of Justice ( recently announced they are seeking applications from individual states and local governments interested in receiving funding for FY 2014 DNA Capacity Enhancement and Backlog Reduction Program.  This NIJ program funds States and units of local government with existing crime labs that conduct DNA analysis to process, record, screen and analyze forensic DNA.  The deadline for this solicitation is June 2, 2014.  In 2013, the NIJ awarded 125 awards totaling $74,495,175 in DNA backlog reduction funding.  The NIJ expects to award up to $70,000,000 in DNA backlog reduction funding in 2014.

In previous years, Leeds customers have successfully purchased the Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV), a powerful alternate light source imaging tool used in forensic labs to reduce DNA screening backlogs.  The LSV is a very unique, next generation instrument that provides forensic scientists with the ability to rapidly screen and easily document in real-time in fluorescence, infrared and white light at very wide range of fields of view (from 1 inch close up to well over 25 inches) and working distances.  The LSV’s features’ allow the examiner the to quickly and non-destructively identify, capture, and document hidden biological evidence in high resolution, sensitivity, and reproducibility on a variety of different types of samples.

Leeds has assembled a 2014 Funding Sources Summary to assist forensic laboratories interested in learning more about available funding opportunities.  Please contact Leeds if you have further questions or would like to learn more about our forensic products.

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