Leeds Vision Software
Leeds Vision Software

Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV/LSV2) Users,

Thank you for your continued use and support of the Leeds Spectral Vision system (LSV/LSV2).  We are pleased to present the next version of Leeds Vision software, Leeds Vision 4.0, free to all of our existing LSV/LSV2 users.  New LSV2 systems currently on order will automatically include Leeds Vision software version 4.0.

Leeds Vision 4.0 is a comprehensive update of the Leeds Vision software, with improvements in user experience and three 3 major features:

1)  Dual Comparison Drawing:  Annotations, measurements, and drawings can now be made automatically and synchronized on comparison images; allowing highly accurate comparison pictures to highlight features as never before.

2)  Language Support:  In support of our growing international user base, Leeds Vision 4.0 is designed to operate in English, Chinese, and Spanish.  More languages can be added upon customer feedback.  Please let us know of your language needs.

3)  Performance and Infrastructure:  Leeds Vision 4.0 has been completely rebuilt with a new framework allowing for easier future development and shorter testing cycles. This rebuild has also included significant performance enhancements and included numerous (and sometimes subtle) user experience improvements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the LSV2 or the Leeds Vision Software version 4.0.

Happy Holidays,

The Leeds Forensic Systems Team

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