Leeds Vision Software v3.0
Leeds Vision Software v3.0

Dear LSV users,

We are happy to announce the release of Leeds Vision 3.0 software which incorporates suggestions from our LSV users and includes optimization programming and performance improvements.

These new features include:

1.   New User Interface for the touch-screen monitor offers a simplified, user-friendly control device for the system, allowing for faster and easier use of the LSV system.

2.   Intuitive and Customizable Presets provide the user with the ability to store user-defined presets for everything from filter and light combinations to any setting in the imaging head. The preset button is a very powerful tool that allows a user to very quickly transition between examiner preset positions with a single click of a button, thereby dramatically increasing speed of operation.  By way of example, an examiner can now intuitively make a preset for “Black t-shirt – blood spatter IR” setting, by selecting “filter-830nm” and “light 850nm” options, so that each time an examiner selects this preset; the system will automatically select the filter and light.  The Presets feature can also be used to allow an examiner make a preset for “overview” and choose the “focus”, “Zoom”, “Aperture” and “diopter settings”  allowing changes from close screening to overviews to be made very quickly. Presets can be exported and imported, in addition, presets can be made from previously captured LVI images; allowing crime labs to quickly populate their presets menu with settings from their previously captured images.

3.   Quick on-off Light switch; a small feature, but a highly requested one.  The LSV lights can be turned on or off with the click of a button.

We believe that you will find that Leeds Vision 3.0 significantly enhances the performance and efficiency of your LSV.


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