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LSV Generation 2 with new light podsIntroducing the next generation LSV2 Leeds Spectral Vision System LED Light Pod upgrade (part #LSV-MWUPG).  LSV Light Pod Upgrade circumference comparisonFrom any working distance, this affordable upgrade enhances the original LSV system providing over twice the area of illumination as well as slightly higher intensity allowing for improved screening and documentation.  The LED Light Pod upgrade entails replacement of existing LSV imaging head with an imaging head that incorporates generation 2 of the LSV LED Light Pod system.

Wavelengths:  UV at 365nm, Violet at 400nm, Blue at 455nm, Green at 528nm, Orange at 590nm, NIR at 850nm, White light at 5600K.

Original LSV LED Light Pod Circumference


LSV Generation 2 LED Light Pod Circumference

Please click on attachment to print the LSV Lighting Upgrade Flyer.

For more information or to answer any questions, please contact Leeds 1-800-444-5333.

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