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Since 2018, Leeds has sponsored two scholarships awarded by the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute to two individuals studying forensic science.  Leeds is very proud to support this outstanding program and these rising forensic scientists.  We believe the future of this industry is bright and these students are carving their own paths towards impactful careers in this field of forensics.

This year’s recipients of the Leeds Forensic Systems Scholarship are:

  • Makia Maxey, an undergraduate student studying Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
  • Joseph Alsdurf, a graduate student working towards his Masters in Forensic Science.

Congratulations Makia and Joseph!  We wish you all the best in your studies towards your degrees.


To learn more about UCO’s Forensic Science Institute, please visit their website:

UCO’s Forensic Science Institute oversees all B.S. in Forensic Science programs. Beyond connecting theories and techniques with real-world applications, the Forensic Science Institute strives to thoroughly train all students in evidence collection, preservation, analysis, reporting and testimony through an approach promoting research, leadership, character and public service. The result is a series of highly focused, multidisciplinary programs geared toward incoming undergraduates and practicing professionals.

Based on experiential learning opportunities, research, our partnerships, career placement, faculty and affordability, Study.com named UCO’s forensic program No. 1 in the nation in 2021.


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