Forensic Imaging Tools

Leeds has designed a line of alternate light source imaging tools to highlight bodily fluids, victim bruising and bite marks, trace evidence, accelerants, explosives, and gunshot residue. 

The LSV2 has won acceptance in both the US and global markets and is a unique instrument, the first of its kind, which provides unparalleled sensitivity, documentation, and reproduction capabilities to physical evidence screening.

The Leeds N-IRC Near-Infrared Color Camera & Software Kit yields real time, high contrast, visible light (color) and N-IR Images.  The Leeds N-IRC is an ideal solution for forensic examiners who specifically utilize IR imaging capabilities for the location, analysis and documentation of blood spatter and gunshot residue, but do not require the ultraviolet (UV) or fluorescence imaging aspects available in the LSV2.

In addition, Leeds is the exclusive distributor for Moveed® Forensic Illumination and Imaging Systems in the USA.

Forensic Imaging Tools
U.S. Government Agencies may now purchase Leeds' forensic products including the Discovery, LCF3, LCF2, LCT, LSV2, and N-IRC directly through GSA Schedule Contract #GS-07F-097CA.
GSA Schedule Contract #GS07F097CA
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