Research Opportunities Abound with the Leeds Spectral Vision System LSV

      The Leeds Spectral Vision system (LSV) was developed to allow forensic scientists the ability to quickly screen and repeatedly document biological evidence in infrared, fluorescence and white light, as a next generation alternate light source screening tool. As the number of crime labs and educational institutions purchasing the LSV system grows, Leeds has […]

Introducing the Leeds n-IRC Near-Infrared Camera & Software Kit for Forensic Laboratories

Introducing Leeds newest forensic laboratory imaging solution, the Leeds n-IRC Near-Infrared Color Camera & Software Kit for Zeiss Stemi 2000 providing a single CCD color camera that yields real time, high contrast, visible light (color) and n-IR images.   Through feedback from our forensic customers who purchased the Leeds Spectral Vision (LSV) system,  we are pleased […]