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Since 1986, Leeds has stood as a pioneer in designing and producing state-of-the-art forensic instruments, with a specific and unwavering focus on incorporating input from firearm and trace evidence examiners across the globe. This dynamic collaboration has given birth to an exceptional range of precision forensic products that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge optics, ergonomic excellence, and an intuitive interface. At the heart of our commitment lies not only the delivery of top-tier forensic imaging systems, but also the provision of unparalleled customer support, backed by a team of highly skilled service technicians who specialize in forensic microscopes.

As we shift our gaze towards the horizon of possibilities, Leeds remains firmly dedicated to the continuous advancement of its imaging systems. This dedication is rooted in the amalgamation of innovative prowess and ongoing customer input, all while unwaveringly crafting high-caliber, trustworthy forensic instruments. In this exciting journey ahead, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you, tailoring the finest solution for all your forensic imaging requirements. With our diverse array of advanced forensic microscopes taking center stage, Leeds is your unwavering partner in the realm of forensic imaging excellence.

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Customer Feedback

-Midwest Forensic Lab Designation

"LEEDS service is always top-notch. Leeds Service Technician took his time and ensured everything was operating appropriately and all questions were answered. I appreciated the time that the technician took to review the imaging system with me."

-Crime Laboratory Analyst Designation

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome and quick response to my microscope issue. You folks have the best customer service out there. I will continue to sing your praises every chance I get. I just wish every company went out of their way to make the customer a number one priority. Thank you again!"

-LSV2 Customer Designation

"I just want you to know how grateful I am that we bought the LSV. Working a case today and looking at a pair of black pants. Found nothing with natural light or oblique light and BAM! – two stains observed with the LSV. Both human blood! I love the LSV!"

-Firearms & Tool Marks Examiner Designation

"I really enjoy using the comparison scopes we purchased from your company. I was trained on several different types of scopes during my training as a firearm/tool mark examiner and have been more impressed and have been able to make greater use of your product. I look forward to working with Leeds on future projects."

-Crime Lab Customer Designation

"The staff of personnel that you have (at Leeds) is truly something special. Every interaction that I have with your company is always professional and courteous. All of you staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to assist and help us out. All requests are always expedited in a timely manner. You all make my job easy. It really is an absolute delight!"