2022 Leeds’ Sponsored UCO Scholarship Recipients

Since 2018, Leeds has sponsored two scholarships awarded by the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute to two individuals studying forensic science.  Leeds is very proud to support this outstanding program and these rising forensic scientists.  We believe the future of this industry is bright and these students are carving their own paths towards […]

Jamaica Independent Commission of Investigators (INDECOM) acquires LCF Comparison Microscope

The Independent Commision of Investigations (INDECOM) recieved a Leeds LCF Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope to assist in the investigation of shootings in Jamaica.  Over the course of the next three years, the UK Department of International Development (DFID) is providing £1.5 million in funding to INDECOM to help expand their forensic laboratory and further the […]

Morris College Opens Criminal Justice Forensic Center

    Forensic Magazine recently published an article highlighting Morris College’s recent opening of their new Criminal Justice Forensic Center.  Located in Sumter, SC, Morris College’s Center, serving over 100 criminal justice students specializing in criminal forensics, purchased new equipment under the leadership of Morris College’s President Dr. Luns Richardson and under the Center’s guidance of Director Carlotta Stackhouse. Director […]

Leeds LCF Firearms & Toolmarks Comparison Microscope, a Powerful Teaching Instrument

Leeds LCF Firearms & Toolmarks Comparison Microscope is a powerful teaching instrument taking center stage at teaching facilities around the  country.  The University of Central Oklahoma’s Forensic Science Institute is one such teaching institution utilizing this top of the line instrument.  They recently produced a video highlighting their forensic science program, stating they have access […]

LCF Firearms & Toolmarks Comparison Microscope Seen in NYPD Forensic Lab

CBS News Clip – NYPD Forensic Lab NYPD Forensics Lab, one of countries most prestigious forensics labs, was recently featured on the New York CBS news affiliate, reporting on the work this lab does to help make convictions and put criminals behind bars.  The NYPD firearms forensics team solves numerous homicides each year with the help of their […]

Leeds Launches New Blog

Leeds Welcomes You to Our New Blog Leeds is a leading manufacturer of comparison microscopes and spectral vision systems for forensic laboratories.  In addition, we manufacture custom microscope products and accessories as well as provide exceptional service and repair of all brands of microscopes.  We are excited to launch into the world of social media […]