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Hillsborough County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office opened a new firearms identification lab in January 2023.  They describe it as a “game changer” in their quest to break the cycle of gun violence,  and as an “express lane on the highway for our own evidence.”

Before the lab opened, all the shell casings, bullets and guns taken into evidence were sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Cases took weeks or longer to process and turn around. With an in-house forensics team and a dedicated lab, evidence can be processed in a few hours or days.

One of the key components of their new lab is the Leeds Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope, the LCF3.  It’s a robust and powerful system, offering outstanding performance, ergonomic comfort, and amazing versatility.    Learn more about the LCF3.

Watch or read the full story about Hillsborough’s game-changing lab: 

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On ABC Action News

On Fox 13 News

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